Let's get some personal information out of the way first: I currently live in Sydney, Australia, which is where I work for ThoughtWorks. You will find me pretty friendly, or "unreasonably reasonable", as I was called recently, so offer to catch up in the CBD for a beer or coffee and I will probably be game.

My background is in project management, software delivery, systems engineering and network engineering; I have delivered projects in the transport, manufacturing, logistics, education, lending, government, and banking industry. Over the previous 15 years I have had the pleasure of living in five countries, including Taiwan, France, New Zealand (twice!), Australia, and the United States. 

I studied Information Systems at Portland State University, and completed a Masters of Transport Management from the University of Sydney. I received the Sir Hudson Fysh Award for achieving a high level of academic merit.

My hobbies include travelling, reading, programming, being outdoors, and more recently, photography. I have a little daughter, and she is the most beautiful little side kick I could have hoped for.

The below map shows the cities I have visited and the tracks I have recorded after buying a small GPS recorder. It is hosted on Google's Fusion Tables. Coming again, soon.