GUI to Plot Driving Speed

Published on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I needed another Python fix, and I need one pretty badly. I spent the weekend wondering why it appears to be impossible to edit the GUIDs inside an Exchange mailbox store (read: NOT the GUIDs stored in AD for Exchange). Anyways, I digress.

My goals were simple. I wanted to use Python, wanted something to do with traffic, and wanted to play around with Glade/PyGTK and graphing stuff. My end result was a little app that allows you to specify a GPX file, and it plots the waypoints (and calculates the moving average!). Pretty simple, pretty useless, but pretty fun. I really do like pretty pictures.

I ended up using matplotlab for the graphing part, but I don't really like how the graphs look. I will likely use Pycha (which dips into Cairo) for my future projects -- but we'll see when that point comes. (If data sensitivity wasn't an issue, I would totally use Google Charts, since I'm a sucker for APIs).