Retiring Old Websites

Published on Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sometimes all good things come to an end. There aren't too many links going into either of these sites, but I'd like to redirect all of them to a page on my blog saying the website doesn't exist anymore. I've already created simple screendumps for nostalgic purposes with the Firefox plugin Screengrab!, so the remaining simple server-side steps are:

  • 1) Edit the DNS records from the live server to the server with the notice page is on.
  • 2) Create a new vhost on the server the notice exists on, add old websites as ServerAlias.
  • 3) Add a redirect in the vhost to the notice about the retired sites.
  • 4) Reload apache config.

The below vhost entry will redirect any link to the retired sites to the notice page.


RedirectMatch permanent (.*)$