Tunneling over SSH

Published on Thursday, June 7, 2007

As a rule, whenever I'm online I'm logged into my server back in the States. I'm also usually wireless, which we all know is beyond insecure -- I've found it especially useful to tunnel firefox over SSH. I try my best to tunnel stuff over SSH back, and if you want to also, this is how.

Setup the SSH/SOCKS tunnel

I'm on Linux, so this is pretty darn easy.
ssh user@domain.com -D 1080

If the SSH daemon runs on a different port, you'd do something like this:
ssh -oPort=1234 user@damon.com -D 1080

Remember ports below 1024 are reserved, and you would need root access. Now it is time to configure the different programs to use the newly created tunnel.

Setting up Gnome (optional)

Tunneling Pidgen

Tunneling XChat

Tunneling Firefox
Note: I'm going to list two examples, one is with FoxyProxy and the other is with the ordinary proxy settings.


Normal Proxy

Make sure the other fields or empty, or you won't connect.

So, there you have it. There are quite a few unix shell providers out there, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to spot a link for one. I've seen QuadSpeedInternet having SSH access for $3/month, and JVDS or Lonestar offering possible free shells. Alternatively, you could just get a really inexpensive VPS at VPSLink ($6-$8/month, but they often have 25% off discounts).