One More Point Linux

Published on Thursday, March 15, 2007

It should come as a surprise that I enjoy using Linux. For the record, the first time I booted into Linux on my own was 1997, this was just before entering high school. So, while some of my tech friends played with NT, I was rumbling with the Penguin. Starting in 2000 I was using Linux as my main operating system, sometimes supplemented by OS X, and only using Windows when the gaming urge surfaced. In 2004 I mostly dropped playing any games, which resulted in dropping Windows -- and besides for work, I haven't used it since.

For me, I'll admit, there are three things that Linux still lacks:

  • Simplistic video conferencing support

  • Video editing support

  • Gaming

I know that all of these are supported, but, in my opinion, not particularly well. Well, I don't care about any of these enough to actually need windows, but it would be nice to see them improve.

So, I'm set. I'm 100% legal (don't steal a single piece of software). And don't have to be too afraid of virus'. What prompted me to write this little excerpt? A recent article at the Washington Post scared the beejeepers out of me, and makes me wish even more for Vista to either cure security problems, or everybody move over to Linux. The article details the aftermath a virus can cause, not on damaging one's computer, but on capturing information. The author further details his experience hunting down the data. This was one of the better articles I've read, and I thoroughly enjoyed the further details. If you want a little more motivation to move to Linux (or just tighten your machine), then I suggest you take a few moments to read the articles as well.