Ian the Apt

Published on Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You know you are too nerd like when your conversations are like this. Preface: I posted some packages I needed to upgrade into a Skype window (much better than a clipboard)....

[11:56:03] Kelvin Nicholson: sorry, needed to post that somewhere

[11:56:04] Ian FItzpatrick: i am not apt!

[11:56:15] ... you can't pass packages to me ;)

[11:56:34] Kelvin Nicholson: blah blah blah

[11:56:43] ... apt-get upgrade ian

[11:57:02] Ian FItzpatrick: apt-get error: unmet dependency, "beer 1.0-4 not found"

[11:57:14] Kelvin Nicholson: yea, that got a good laugh