Open Source Video Editing

Published on Sunday, October 15, 2006

In the next year I plan to make a little video, nothing fancy likely, but something that will require an editor. However, I don't own a mac (which rules our Final Cut Pro + After Effect and iMovie, which Ian and I both have had too much fun with. Inside joke.) I'm also a die-hard Linux fan, trying to hold out buying a mac for as long as possible.

SF to the rescure. There are four editors listed, and in the next year I'll try them all. Overalll, they look quite promising.

Jahshaka -- Beta. Good reviews from what I've seen.
Kdenlive -- Alpha/Beta. Looks a lot less mature than Jahshaka, especially since I'm going to have to check it out via svn. But, the screenshots look quite impressive.
LiVES -- Beta.