Internet In China (Essay)

Published on Monday, December 5, 2005


I realized at the end of the 2005 school year that I was going to be two business credits short of graduating. Two! Understandable I think, since I had been working full time or over full time (one to four jobs) for the last three years. Plus, I changed my degree after the first year; not to mention I somehow crammed five years worth of credits in four years. Well, I arranged with one of my teachers (who had a great class, I must add) to guide me through the last two credits. The credits involved writing a paper regarding China and the Internet. A broad topic, I must admit.

The paper was a joy to research, write and edit. I explored many faucets I didn't think I would, and realized that I mostly enjoy semi-technical writing. Through this paper I realized that technology in emerging countries is an interest to me, and I look forward to what this interest has in store for my future. You can download my paper (PDF) here.