An Overseas Update

Published on Friday, September 30, 2005


Kuala Lumpur represents a new adventure for me, and a new project. The goals were simple: update/clean the systems, upgrade the internet connection, give pseudo-voip capability and try to get them on the VPN.

Before leaving the states I had to make sure several things were in order. First, I needed to order the rotuer I was going to bring out with me. Next, I needed to make sure KL had arranged the appropriate DSL upgrades, and last: pretest the connection. Before leaving L.A. I had the opportunity to test the new router and have it connect to the VPN. All is good to go.

After arriving I solicited the help of a co-worker and we started updating the computers (making sure all service packs and updates were installed), and installing Firefox, Thunderbird and Skype. In the I.T. market we acquired several headset and webcams, hooked them up to appropriate managers' computers, and linked managers in several offices together. Next I set forth trying to get the router setup. Part of my planning included making sure all voltages were accounted for, so when I arrived in KL an adapter was awaiting me. Unfortunately, either the adapter failed or the router was damaged in transit. We went into the I.T. markets and ordered a new, albeit lower grade, router. A few days later it arrived and I quickly got it installed. Several things needed to be changed with the ISP for the router to get on the VPN, so I had to connect it to the VPN remotely several weeks later. Alas, doing I.T. overseas is indeed a learning experience!